(NES) Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (USA) Simplified with Druid Dagger Fix

---/ Introduction /---
This patch replaces the Debug and Password button combo with pressing B or A.
I've also added a function to instantly use a Bandage or eat an Apple.
This way you don't have to open the Inventar every time you want to heal and it prevents the Inventar from getting spammed with low healing items.

I gave Little John the Druid Dagger when using a Password because Friar Tuck joins the party late, which makes it impossible to finish the Game when using WELL or TAX Password. Don't give Duncan the Druid Dagger as he leaves later.
Shield and the Locksley Shield can now be found in the game.

---/ Changelog /---
Added: Debug and Password instruction to the title screen
Replaced: Debug Button combo with pressing B
Replaced: Password Button combo with pressing A

Added: Use Bandage instantly on pickup (above HP limit)
Added: Eat Apple instantly on pickup (above HP limit)
Replaced: Banadage default health of 8 increaed by x1,5, 12
Replaced: Apple random generated health with constant 15

Replaced: Credit List with Locksley Shield
Replaced: Bandage with Shield (Dubois Manor)

Replaced: Items stored in Inventar when using a Password
Robin Hood (Slot 2): Bandage with Locksley Medallion
Robin Hood (Slot 4): Locksley Medallion with Free Slot
Azeem (Slot 1): Knife with Saddle
Azeem (Slot 2): Saddle with Longbow
Azeem (Slot 3): Ring with Short Sword
Little John (Slot 1): Longbow with Druid Dagger
Friar Tuck (Slot 1): Sword with Red Potion
Friar Tuck (Slot 2): Red Potion with Shield
Friar Tuck (Slot 3): Druid Dagger with Knife
Friar Tuck (Slot 4): Locksley Armor with Free Slot
Duncan (Slot 1): Meat with Yellow Potion
Duncan (Slot 2): Meat with Ring
Duncan (Slot 3): Yellow Potion with Knife

---/ Instruction /---
Activate Debug:
- Press [B] on title screen, you should hear a beep when activated

Use Password:
- Press [A] on title screen (works with debug)

Check README for more informations and checksums.

---/ Download /---
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(NES) Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (Custom Palette)

--[ Comparison ]--
Normal: Custom | Rollover: Default

---/ Introduction /---
This is a Custom Palette for Robin Hood because i didn't liked the results from all the other Palettes.

---/ Download /---


(PS2) uLaunch Simple Background Pack

---/ Introduction /---
This is a Simple Background Pack for uLaunch on the PS2 i made few years ago.

---/ Content /---
uLaunch Dark Blue.jpg
uLaunch Dark Green.jpg
uLaunch Dark Orange.jpg
uLaunch Dark Pink.jpg
uLaunch Dark Red.jpg
uLaunch Dark Violet.jpg
uLaunch Dark Yellow.jpg
uLaunch Light Blue.jpg
uLaunch Light Green.jpg
uLaunch Light Orange.jpg
uLaunch Light Pink.jpg
uLaunch Light Red.jpg
uLaunch Light Violet.jpg
uLaunch Light Yellow.jpg
uLaunch Original Black.jpg
uLaunch Original White.jpg

---/ Download /---


(NES) Contra (JAP, USA, EUR) Secondary Weapon Slot and Remote Barrier

---/ Introduction /---
This patch adds a Secondary Weapon Slot for both players
and the ability to activate Barrier when ever you want.
Both players are getting a Barrier when picking it up.

---/ Changelog /---
Added: Compatibility for the Expanded ROM Hack 'The Blue Falcon'

Fixed: Bug in the Japanese version where the game crashes on Game Over screen

Added: Secondary Weapon Slot for both players
Added: Remote Barrier function for both players

---/ Instruction /---
Switch to Secondary Weapon Slot:
- Press [select]

Activate Remote Barrier:
- Hold [select] for more than 2 seconds, triggered on release

Check README for more informations and checksums.

---/ Download /---
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